Statement on Lead Times

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and resulting slowdowns of global supply chains, Matrox® has and continues to be subject to unprecedented demand for sensors and electronic components. These shortages are a pressing issue felt by manufacturing companies worldwide. Demand for electronic components has far exceeded the best predictions; this strain has been exacerbated by sudden, unexpected operational slowdowns from some of our key component suppliers. Purchasing, production, and engineering departments at Matrox have worked diligently throughout the pandemic to identify potential challenges and have made every effort to mitigate component shortages.

To help alleviate the impact on our customers, Matrox is working closely with our long-standing network of global suppliers to find solutions to the problem of component shortages. In consultation with our trusted suppliers, we have significantly extended our planning window in order to provide our suppliers better visibility and ensure a more stable, consistent supply as we try to anticipate future demands. Matrox has also made considerable investments to increase our production capacity in preparation for an eventual improvement in the global supply chain, so that we are in position to boost production and distribution of our products.

We thank our loyal customers, suppliers, and partners for their continued trust and support. For more information on specific product lead times, please contact us.