Matrox Video Leadership Team

Alberto Cieri

Alberto Cieri, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Alberto is Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Matrox Video. Prior to joining Matrox, Alberto was owner and president of Cieritech, an avionics consultancy. Since joining Matrox in 1991, Alberto has held a variety of different roles in Sales, including Sales Engineer, European Sales Manager, OEM Video Sales Manager, Worldwide Distribution Sales Manager, and Director of Sales (USA and EMEA). In these roles, Alberto has managed the Sales, Marketing, Applications Engineering, Technical Support, and Product Management teams. Alberto holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University. In his spare time, Alberto loves spending time with his family, golfing, skiing, playing hockey, going for a good run, and making his own wine.

David Jones VP Engineering Matrox Video

David Jones, Vice President, Engineering

David is Vice President of Engineering for Matrox Video. David is responsible for all aspects of engineering, including hardware, software, cloud solutions, quality assurance, and project management. Before joining Matrox in 2022, David built over 35 years of industry experience, holding several leadership positions in leading broadcast and entertainment and cloud-based companies such as Autodesk, Averna, Element AI, Grass Valley, LANDR Audio, Lightspeed, and LVL Studio. David holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree from Concordia University and has served on advisory boards for McGill University and Concordia University. During his free time, David enjoys playing tennis, windsurfing, reading, photography, and spending time with his two daughters.

Spiro Plagakis

Spiro Plagakis, Vice President, Product Management

Spiro is Vice President of Product Management for Matrox Video. Spiro leads the team responsible for managing products from conceptualization, planning, and development to release and production. A motivated and highly experienced technology Sales Professional, Spiro has a long track record of successfully managing sales growth in organizations of all sizes. Prior to rejoining Matrox in 2020, he held numerous leadership positions, including VP Global Sales Operations at Grass Valley and Senior VP Worldwide Sales at Miranda. Spiro holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from McGill University. In his spare time, Spiro enjoys cycling, cheering on his favorite teams, and sharing a good bottle of red wine with friends.

Sam Recine

Samuel Recine, Vice-President, Global Strategic Partnerships

Samuel is Vice-President of Global Strategic Partnerships for Matrox Video. Since joining Matrox in 1997 he has held Sales and Product Management roles. Having collected experience from CAD and GIS, simulation and training, emergency dispatching in PSAPs, trading systems in commodities and securities, and AV/IT processing in communications and presentation systems, Samuel has been immersive in working in control rooms with partners and customers and helped Matrox build its ecosystem of technologies and partnerships in video walls, KVMs, encoding for recording and live streaming for command and control operations, and high performance signals for the live event space. Samuel holds a Bachelor of Marketing and Finance from McGill University.

Frank Scartozzi

Francesco Scartozzi, Vice President, Sales & Business Development

Francesco is Vice President of Sales and Business Development for the Broadcast and Media group (BMG) of Matrox Video. In his current role, Francesco is responsible for managing the worldwide BMG Sales and Product Management teams to develop, sustain, and grow revenue. Extremely loyal, he joined Matrox in 1995 and has held various roles from Applications Engineer, building his technical knowledge while sharpening his customer support skills, to Sales Director, managing a sales team and developing performance goals in order to drive opportunities for growth. Francesco holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Management from McGill University.