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Matrox MuraControl video wall management software provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Matrox-based video wall, multiviewer, or personal video wall locally or remotely. Available as a feature-rich, single-license software for Microsoft® Windows®, MuraControl can be used to create and manage layouts offline or in real time.

MuraControl for Windows

Matrox MuraControl for Windows and iPad
  • Easily manage inbound and outbound AV streams

  • Create, save, rename, copy, export, import and delete layouts/presets

  • Window transparency and colour-keying functions

  • Robust upgrade and software-support program

  • Position, scale, clone, crop, frame, and label input windows

  • Apply colour-correction, multi-lingual text overlay, and de-interlacing 



MuraControl for Windows


Getting Started
  • Free 21-day trial software available from Matrox website (USB software licence available for purchase)
Supported OS
  • Microsoft Windows 7, 10, and Server® 2008 R2 and Server® 2012 R2

Easy-to-use video wall management software

Discover how to start creating, previewing, and applying layouts in MuraControl so that your video wall appears exactly as you envision. Create and save unique presets by arranging local application, direct, and IP source content exactly where you want it by managing and modifying a variety of in-depth window properties.

3x2 Video Wall Content with Matrox MuraControl

Create layouts, and open, position and control local applications and images such as Internet Explorer, VLC, pictures, PowerPoint Viewer, HTML5, and VNC.

Build layouts featuring HDMI, DisplayPort, IP, and other types of sources, for placement anywhere on the wall, including a Picture-in-Picture (PIP) format.

MuraControl Local Applications

Customized video wall software

The MuraControl white-label skinning solution allows OEMs and system integrators to tailor the graphical user interface, while the MuraControl Tablet SDK allows users to expand complete package product offerings and customize software for both Windows desktop- and tablet-based video wall control systems.

MuraControl white-label solution for OEMs/integrators

  • A turnkey, fully rebranded version of our powerful Muracontrol for Windows video wall software.

  • Control of elements such as logos, buttons, product name, and colour schemes.

  • Matrox comes with a 40-year track record of robust client support programs.

MuraControl tablet SDK

  • Customisable template to build your own table-based video wall control software.

  • Optimized for Android  tablets.

Supported Configurations

Matrox D-Series HDMI and DisplayPort Graphics Cards

Matrox D-Series with or without Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series

  • Up to 16 synchronized 4K60 outputs

  • Available with HDMI or DisplayPort 1.4 outputs for seamless integration with multiple environments

  • Microsoft DirectX® 12 and OpenGL® support enables latest professional applications

  • Windows 10 OS support

3rd Party Graphic Boards

3rd party graphics with Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series

  • High-resolution monitor support, including Full HD and 4K/UHD

  • Low-cost integrated or generic professional graphics options

  • Multiple available models for various graphical performance requirements

  • Microsoft DirectX® and OpenGL® support enables latest professional applications

  • Windows 7, 10, and Linux OS support

Matrox C-Series

Matrox C-Series with or without Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series

  • Up to 18 synchronized outputs

  • High-resolution monitor support, including Full HD and 4K/UHD

  • Low-cost video wall integration with six- and nine-output card options

  • Microsoft DirectX® 12, OpenGL® 4.4 and OpenCL™ 1.2 support enables latest professional applications

  • Windows 7, 10, and Linux OS support

Matrox Mura IPX Series Card

Matrox Mura IPX Decode & Display Series

  • Standalone product requires only a PCI express Express® slot for power

  • No host CPU, drivers, or operating system required

  • High-density IP decode provides up to four 4K and 16 HD channels

  • Remote video wall management provides added functionality for multiviewer applications. MuraControl features include text overlay to indicate windows titles, stream sources, locations, or zones and an onscreen clock providing a temporal reference for accurate stream monitoring

Mura MPX Series

Matrox Mura MPX Series with or without Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series

  • ​​​Up to 56 synchronized outputs

  • Single-slot input/output allows high density, flexibility, and scalability

  • Universal input support (DVI, RGB/VGA, Component, S-Video, Composite, and SDI)

  • Multiple available models for increased functional & thermal reliability

  • Passive cooling

Software Download

For Microsoft® Windows® 

A 21-day free trial of Matrox MuraControl for Windows is available for download. In order to run the full-featured trial, you must be using Mura MPX Series, Mura IPX Series, or C-Series1 hardware. Following the expiry of the free trial, users must purchase a software license in the form of a USB dongle to continue using the software.

Download it now

Matrox MuraControl software specifications


MuraControl for Windows

Part Number


Supported OS

Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012 R2

Supported Video Wall Platforms

C-Series1 , C-Series1 + IPX Capture Cards, D-Series, D-Series + IPX Capture Cards, Mura MPX, Mura MPX + IPX Capture Cards, 3rd party graphics + Mura IPX Capture Cards, Mura IPX Output Cards

Layout Management

Create, Save, Preview, Apply, Lock, Copy, Import, Export, and Delete

Layout Scheduling


Image and Text Overlay

Create, Edit, Delete, Apply Multi-Lingual Unicode Text Overlay and Marquee Text, and Image overlay, including control over font, colour, size, location, and speed.

Window Management

Create, Position, Rotate (any arbitrary angle), and Resize Windows anywhere on the wall, including control of advanced window border colour and width

Window Cropping


Z-Order Management

Advanced: Ability to set z-order value of each window

Source Management

Create, Rename, Crop, Rotate, and Text Overlay functionality

Create Source

Yes (Hardware Inputs, IP, HTML5, VLC, PowerPoint Viewer, VNC, Image and Internet Explorer)2

Audio Management

Yes (Only one audio channel can be played out at any given point of time.)

Source Settings3

Edit Source-specific Alpha Blending, Colour Keying, Hue, Saturation, Brightness, and Contrast

Source Touring


De-interlacing Filters

Apply Source-specific filters, including Bob, Weave, single-field, and adaptive technique

Preview Surface


Application Control

VLC (Volume + Play/Pause), IE (Mouse and Keyboard), VNC (Mouse and Keyboard), and PPT (Previous/Next Slide and Play/Pause Slide switching)

Video Wall Detection

IP Address and UPnP for automatic detection

Video Wall Startup Control

Ability to Stop/Start Control and Show/Hide (with Static Background) Desktop

Video Wall Communication Port

Telnet (Port 23) and/or HTTPS (Port 46272)

Video Wall Access

Local and/or Remote over LAN


Free 21-day trial available on the Matrox website. USB software license available for purchase.


1 Not available with C420.
2 Other applications may be opened and controlled through within your layout. Please contact Matrox for more details. 
3 Only applies to physical, IP, HTML5 and VLC sources