Professional AV/IT

Standards-Based AV-over-IP Infrastructure

Professional audiovisual infrastructure has always been about the secure delivery of performance media tailored to suit communications and collaboration,  digital signage, live events management, and artistic expression needs.

The rapid expansion of IP-based high-performance Pro AV solutions has surfaced many proprietary implementations in the market.

But secure, open standards-based, professional AV-over-IP infrastructure is the wave of the future.

Matrox products are ideal for applications in industries such as education, enterprisegovernment, medical, militarysecuritytransportation, and utilities.

Share in our decades of experience in broadcast video, Pro AV technology, and PC technology at the heart of performance media convergence.

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The Matrox AV-over-IP advantage

Widest reach

Matrox AV-over-IP products and tools focus on secure open standards to achieve the widest reach, not just in terms of distance for high performance media, but also in terms of interoperability with third-party hardware and software, and to work with future infrastructure technology.


Highly secure

Security is not just for signal management but for encrypted payloads and developer tools as well. Working with multi-stakeholder open standards groups promotes best practices and continuous evolution to support zero trust environments.

Exceptional performance

Matrox standards-based uncompressed, lightly-compressed, and high-compression solutions deliver a balanced mix of performance, quality, latency, bit rate, real-time processing, programmability, security, and interoperability.


Scalable and future proof

Matrox AV-over-IP solutions are evolved based on open standards even when delivering tightly-coupled products and tools that offer extremely easy out-of-the-box experiences. But AV-over-IP is most useful when it is possible to build out infrastructures that will stand the test of time and when the best hardware and software products in the market can be used together.

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