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Easy, Flexible Real-Time Streaming and Recording

Matrox multi-channel capture points are ideal for your live and on-demand streaming requirements. Our products support encoding for storage and live streaming, including independent control over all popular protocols and processing capabilities on the captured sources. Matrox provides value-add to video management systems by extending its capabilities for lecture and presentation capture, content distribution on popular platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube, and advanced applications of multi-node synchronized streaming and recording in simulation and training.

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Capture multiple channels

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The Matrox advantage

Higher quality

Delivering more streams directly from the source content and removing the need for some transcoding will help you deliver the highest grade quality. Our multi-channel encoders can generate multiple streams—each with their own parameters—directly from the source content.


Lower latency

Transcoding operations require processing time. Handling your main streaming profiles directly from the capture point can help you reduce latency. 

Lower costs

Transcoding costs can be recurring. You have options to help you off-load some of your transcoding burden by encoding the key streams you need directly at your capture point.


Take advantage of pass-throughs on your inputs, standards-based live streams and recording file formats, and integration software to connect to third-party hardware and software products.

Capture everything

Matrox has the most complete range of appliances, PCI Express cards, OEM platforms, and Developer solutions to handle your high-quality 4K and HD capture requirements.

Advanced processing

However you wish to stream and record your content, the most advanced enterprise video management tools and libraries allow users and developers alike to create the best quality assets at the lowest bitrates.

Use cases


Stream and record presentations, share videos online, and improve communication with teams.

Government agencies

Stream and record communications, training, presentations, parliamentary sessions, trials, and more.

Educational institutions

Capture, record, and stream lectures. Create videos on demand and integrate with existing LMS or VMS.


Record live surgical procedures and stream to staff and medical students.

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