Lecture Capture

Amplify the Learning Experience

New technologies, constant connectivity, and instant access to information are changing the classroom. Today, learning can take place anytime, anywhere. Flexible learning combines in-person instruction with online study to create personalized learning experiences that are engaging, convenient, and accessible. 

Needs evolve over time, making flexibility and scalability key components of any successful installation. At Matrox Video, we build true relationships for creating a global network to help formulate comprehensive solutions for streaming, recording, converting, viewing, and developing video content. Higher learning institutions around the world rely on Matrox Video products to power modern learning environments—both inside and outside the classroom.  


University Courses

Matrox Video Is at the Center of Your Lecture Capture Workflow

Designed specifically for networked environments, the Matrox® 6020 Remote Recorder appliance is a Panopto™-certified live streaming multi-recorder specifically designed for—and fully integrated with—Panopto’s industry-leading Video Management System (VMS). 

Once configured, your Matrox 6020 appliance runs autonomously without faculty and student intervention, executing schedules and recordings, and automatically transferring assets into your Panopto VMS. Once inside, the VMS transfers the video assets to its final destination. 

Use cases

Classroom instruction

Today’s learning environments blend classical teaching with video technology to enhance the classroom experience. Lecture capture allows instructors to record lessons live in the classroom and share the content with students at a later time, giving students the ability to review material at their convenience. Through the VMS, students can dynamically combine viewing materials and choose layouts to suit their learning styles. 

Classroom Instruction
Online Learning

Online learning & on-demand courses

Bolster student engagement by putting learners in control of their education by giving students the ability to review lessons on their own time. Instructors can supplement coursework with online options to enhance the learning process and improve learner outcomes. The growth in adoption of online and on-demand learning also underscores the need for reliable technology capable of making education accessible to students who may not be able to attend traditional classes. For educational institutions, this also makes it possible to expand course offerings, attract more students, and increase enrollment.

Training & simulation labs

Technologies that allow for streaming student presentations—for peer assessment or professor evaluations—while recording copies for review purposes can help students improve their hands-on practice. Specialized labs and observation rooms create real-world simulations where students can bridge the gap between learning and practice. Lessons and lab experiments can be easily recorded by the instructor and combined with supporting material to accommodate different learning styles and needs.

Guest Speaker

Special events

Graduation ceremonies, sporting events, guest speakers, and performances—educational institutions are host to a number of events. Webcasting is the next-best thing to being there in person. Parents who might not be able to attend a special event or sporting activity, for example, can participate and watch in real-time through the schools’ own digital channels and via popular social media platforms, such as Facebook Live and YouTube.

The Matrox Video advantage

For students

  • Access to lectures anytime, anywhere

  • Ability to access and view recordings on any device with video on demand (VOD)

  • Freedom to dynamically choose the content of interest and toggle between full view of the professor, or the supporting material, or both

For teachers

  • As automated a process as possible

  • Scheduling features

  • Minimal hands-on interaction with appliance

  • Feedback through statistics on user interactions

For administrators

  • Low-maintenance system

  • Dedicated, purpose-built appliance

  • Compatible with Panopto VMS

  • Scalable and future-proofed

  • Cost-effective appliance with one-time purchase price and no annual licensing fees

  • High-quality recordings

  • Centralized monitoring and control

  • Quiet and rack mountable

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