On-prem leaving you grounded? Burst into the cloud.

Matrox ORIGIN is an asynchronous media framework built on a cloud-native architecture that reconciles live production requirements with the capabilities of the cloud.  It transforms the challenges of running in the cloud into technical and business advantages for both developers and broadcasters.  


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Transition to the cloud

Cloud is a game changer. It has already brought many benefits to the media industry, in workflows such as MAM, playout, distribution, archiving, and many more. Tier 1 live production, however, brings its own set of unique challenges. The need for frame-accurate, deterministic, low latency, redundant, and responsive interconnected systems, at a large scale, is particularly demanding in a cloud environment.  

Benefits for broadcasters

Operate, build, and develop scalable best-of-breed solutions suitable for a public or private cloud. Get better usage of your on-premises resources, offload peak needs into the cloud, run exclusively in the public cloud, or all of the above, at whatever pace makes sense for your business.   

Benefits for developers

Focus on your core competencies while building on a cloud-native framework. Matrox ORIGIN provides frame-accurate, responsive and simple control, AV synchronization, all with built-in redundancy. As a result, you can build products that run equally well on a single host or on distributed systems on-premises or in the public cloud.  

Key features

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Control granularity 

Matrox ORIGIN provides simple control with the fine granularity of a single unit of a field/frame. Any single unit can be frame accurately processed anywhere within the distributed and non-blocking environment of the framework. This brings great flexibility with guaranteed AV synchronization and is in contrast with the traditional control plane granularity of a stream.  

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Low latency 

Operate asynchronously to process and interconnect uncompressed data as quickly as possible to remove all delays associated with synchronous interconnects. This enables low latency, uncompressed, and highly responsive systems to make large scale tier 1 live production in the cloud possible. 

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Live migration 

Provision or decommission compute to closely match dynamic operational processing needs to infrastructure costs, while on air. Matrox ORIGIN can live migrate software processing in runtime without dropping a single frame and without disrupting the control system. The software processing can be migrated to additional compute for expansion or consolidated to reduce infrastructure costs based on the needed capacity. 

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Built-in redundancy 

Develop and operate stateless media processing services with granular protection of every single frame. The redundancy is managed by the framework and does not require any additional intervention. Redundancy across multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS) availability zones is also supported to address mission-critical resilience requirements. 

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