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Recorded Webinar: AV Streaming Protocols

AV Streaming Protocols - What is Typically Used, Where, and Why

AV Streaming Protocols - What is Typically Used, Where, and Why

Watch this webinar and learn about today's most popular streaming protocols. In particular, the session will address general categories of protocols, their push/pull formats, and typical use cases of RTSP, RTP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-DASH and the popular alternative MPEG.TS.


Learn about the typical AV streaming protocols
Learn where the protocols are typically used
Learn why they are used in specific streaming environments


Ron Berty


Ron Berty possesses more than 20 years of IT experience in the areas of graphics, extension technology, and AV-over-IP. A graduate of Montreal's McGill University and with a background in sciences, Ron began his career with Matrox in Sales and is now a Business Development Manager and Product Manager. Ron is directly responsible for developing the recently launched Maevex 6100 Series multi-channel 4K encoder product range, winner of the S&VC Best of Show Award at InfoComm 2016, and the very successful Maevex 5100 Series H.264 encoder and decoder product line, winner of the SCN Installation Product Award at InfoComm 2014. Ron also oversees many of the company's add-in graphics cards.

Through his experience in sales and product management, Ron has been involved with AV signaling and distribution across a range of products and industries, and as a result has extensive experience in AV-over-IP features, installations, and markets.

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