Matrox Monarch EDGE Series

High quality, low latency 4K/multi-HD H.264 video encoders and decoders—made for remote production, contribution, and supporting distribution workflows.

Monarch Edge Family

Increase the quality and flexibility of your broadcast and media video transport workflows with Matrox Monarch EDGE Series, our versatile, professional 10-bit remote production and contribution encoder, and easily integrate with video distribution workflows. Transmit high-resolution, low-latency synchronized streams of HDR 4:2:2 10-bit video carrying ancillary data (SCTE and ANC) over SRT and other protocols. Enhance productivity with multi-unit sync, multi-stream sync, and onboard genlock. Integrate with advanced automation workflows and deliver audience-ready feeds to cloud distribution platforms and private video circuits. Enjoy peace of mind with reliable performance, professional technical support, and lifetime upgrades included with all Monarch EDGE encoders.

Discover Monarch EDGE Series

multi sport goal

Monarch EDGE E4 encoder and D4 decoder for remote production

Produce live, multi-camera remote production events with multi-HD or 4K streams.


Matrox Monarch EDGE for Remote Production Return Feeds

Monarch EDGE S1 encode/decode appliance for remote production return feeds

Simultaneously encode/decode streams for return feeds, contribution, or distribution workflows.


Monarch EDGE Contribution

Monarch EDGE E4 encoder and D4 decoder for high-density contribution

Contribute produced program feeds, augmented with ancillary data, ready for transmission and distribution.


Matrox Monarch EDGE for Webcasting

Monarch EDGE E4 encoder for webcasting

Reach your online audience with unique and compelling multi-HD, high-frame rate 4K (HFR) or 4K 360 VR live content.