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Video wall deployments pose different challenges depending on dimension, resolution, connectivity, and application requirements. Matrox offers a 360° approach, delivering a comprehensive range of hardware and software products designed to meet any video wall project requirement.

Ideal for AV system integrators and OEMs looking to create small-scale systems for digital signage, conference or classroom presentations, or medium-sized and large multi-board configurations for security, traffic management, or control rooms, Matrox video wall products offer the most reliable, scalable, industry-tested architecture available.

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Highest density with the smallest footprint

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Matrox provides a wide range of single-slot multi-functional input and/or output boards to offer high-density connections with the smallest available footprint—streamline the integration process using less hardware components and reduce cost and maintenance.

Dynamic system scalability

Fully compatible Matrox products allow mixing and matching to build video walls to the scale required; it’s simple to add more components to a system as capture, encoding, streaming, decoding, and display demands evolve. Matrox AV-over-IP products are based on open-standard H.264 codec technology for complete interoperability with not only Matrox products—IP-based or not—but virtually all browsers, devices, computers, tablets, and networks to create even larger, collaborative ecosystems.

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Market-leading image quality

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Our hardware and software portfolio delivers the best streaming image quality on the market today. Matrox excellence is integrated in our products down to their very algorithms; see you can see the difference with higher-quality images available at lower bitrates, whether it’s fast-moving video content or the smallest copy details on a Microsoft® Excel® chart.

Customizable software solutions

Matrox offers a complete range of video wall software, SDKs, and libraries that allow OEMs and developers to deploy intuitive, ready-to-use software or build custom interfaces and applications. Whatever the installation requirement, Matrox provides the necessary toolkit to create end-to-end solutions and continues to support existing APIs with new releases to protect investments in the long term.

Matrox software also provides the flexibility to incorporate other products into video wall installations. We offer support for tailoring a solution to exact specifications of each customer, using the components they know and trust.

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Powerful video processing

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From huge installations to smaller-scale set-ups, striking video walls demand attention. Execute each vision with our advanced multi-functional processing capabilities, providing the power and flexibility to incorporate smooth, high-fidelity post-production effects in video wall designs and layouts.

Build interactive video walls with Matrox products

Interactive video walls are useful tools for engaging an audience or collaborating with colleagues.

For example, you can:

  • Build interactive wayfinding kiosks with multiple displays to help people understand where they are now and how to get where they’re going.

  • Help get students involved with an interactive display wall in learning environments.

  • Involve museum visitors with a hands-on exhibit.

  • Plan military strategy with the help of multiple touchscreens.

  • Create eye-catching dynamic digital signage installations to engage your audience.

  • Build interactive tradeshow demonstrations that encourage potential customers to “learn more…”

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