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Campus AV Networks Powered by Utelogy Control Software

Matrox Maevex H.264 Encoders/Decoders and the Utelogy AV Management Software Platform Let Educators Reach Students Where They Learn

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Keeping up with AV trends in the classroom is only one worry of professors and instructors. Students, however, expect a connected and seamless learning experience featuring interactivity, technological integration, and access to materials whenever needed, which can consume IT resources as well as introduce a steep learning curve for teaching staff.

Technology moves by leaps and bounds, and, with each passing day, more hardware is rendered out-of-date. As habitual early AV adopters, universities and colleges have regularly been left in a state of inevitable obsolescence. Integrating complete and comprehensive new rounds of expensive and complicated technologies to provide enriching experiences for students, these schools miss out on enhanced functionality and quality found in subsequent generations of the same products due to integration difficulty and cost.

The Utelogy Solution

With AV over IP as the latest stage in the evolution of audio/visuals and Matrox Maevex’s core ability to get quality streams onto IP via H.264 encoding, the Utelogy Control, Management and Services platform offers a complete, campus-wide solution for AV control and integration. Using Utelogy’s network-based software, educational institutions can deploy cost-effective, modular technologies, not only within the classroom, but campus-wide, or even across multiple campuses. Matrox Maevex fits into the Utelogy story as an integrated, modular partner, updatable and adaptable to new hardware, saving on long-run upgrade and installation costs.

By creating a common control panel, instructors can treat the AV systems in each class just like any other. With hardware managed in a universal system, cross-brand or even cross-model nuances no longer impede productivity. Growth of the system as a whole and the introduction of new hardware, technology, and functionality is easily and cost-effectively achieved. For example with easy to integrate Matrox Maevex components, existing capture hardware can be connected to a Maevex encoder to deliver exceptional-quality AV content for display or storage anywhere on the LAN. This stream can be received for display by Maevex or other decoding options in the same room, in an co-location environment, or by networked recording for retrieval and distribution at a later time.

With remotely accessible usage statistics, lecture style and technology integration can be directly linked/compared to student GPAs and end of semester reviews, offering opportunities to improve student engagement. Additionally, the integrated help-desk feature offers live support to save valuable time for teaching, not troubleshooting.


Utelogy Advantages

  • Allows control and monitoring of all AV and network assets, like projectors and cameras—no matter the make or model

  • Works within your existing infrastructure with adjustable bandwidth requirements

  • Scales easily because it is software-defined and is adaptable to different hardware and new technology

  • Enables IT departments and professors to become more self-sufficient


Matrox Maevex H.264 Enhancements

Matrox Maevex H.264 encoders and decoders add even greater functionality to Utelogy software and campus networks by facilitating the use of a greater number of AV devices. Providing encoding, recording, streaming, and playback functions to devices that are not already IP-enabled, Maevex acts as a cost-efficient “virtual IP upgrade” to existing technology.

Allowing inputs including cameras, microphones, media players, microscopes, and document cameras to name a few, Maevex encoders and decoders stream education from anywhere on campus, distributing it at low bitrates to any integrated projector, television, or video wall. Working in conjunction with Utelogy, Matrox technology is designed to stay future proof just like the software platform.


Diagram showing Maevex encoders and decoders connect to each other using the Utelogy AV Control Software

Maevex H.264 Encoders and Decoders Serve to Allow All AV Devices to Connect to Each Other Using the Utelogy AV Control Software.


Applications of Maevex H.264 Encoders & Decoders

  • Distance and remote learning

  • Network-wide seminars and teleconferencing

  • Lecture streaming to overflow sites or remote terminals

  • Class and lab recording for editing later or use as video on demand

  • Campus-wide broadcast of sports, convocation ceremonies, and other events

  • Digital signage displaying