Customer Stories

Visually Transforming Worship Environments

Three Images Projected Floor-To-Ceiling Surround the Congregation and Transport Them to a More Inspirational Place Other Than a Basic Church With Sheetrock Walls

"The TripleHead2Go provides churches with a cost-effective solution to run three architectural projectors off of one machine, giving them the expensive look for a fraction of the cost." says Camron Ware, freelance lighting and projection designer. "When lights, colors, images, and projection work together with music, the stage is set for a powerful, multi-sensory worship experience."

The Designer

Freelance lighting and projection designer Camron Ware has a heart for the global Christian community and a passion for creating dynamic visual environments conducive to worship. He consults churches and organizations on how to implement tools to produce such visual environments, and also offers lighting and video DJ-ing services to youth camps, theater productions, and conferences.

The Challenge

Much like cathedrals use paintings and stained glass windows to engage churchgoers, Camron wanted to bring larger-than-life storytelling and art into the worship environment. However, the technology to do so was often too expensive for a church with a small budget, limiting his creative vision.

Visual worshipper uses Matrox TripleHead2go
Presentation of church using Matrox TripleHead2Go

The Solution

The search for an inexpensive solution was over when Camron saw an ad about how a presentation software company was integrating Matrox TripleHead2Go. He immediately realized this device would be perfect for his work. It was simple to use, was small enough to easily transport when he travelled, and would help him achieve the dynamic worship environment he wished to create. He bought one the very same day and has been using it ever since.

The Result

The TripleHead2Go freed Camron from needing multiple computers and/or video cards to run multiple projectors–saving money, space, and time to setup equipment. Using only one computer, presentation software, a TripleHead2Go, and three projectors, he creates worship environments that use the architecture of a building as a projector surface. Images morph onto the walls and extend into the audience's peripheral vision to surround and engage each churchgoer. The result is a unique atmosphere that makes you feel like you're immersed in the worship, rather than just being a spectator.

Sanctuaries are using Matrox TripleHead2Go

When he travels out to consult, Camron can set up his own TripleHead2Go and show churches first-hand what architectural projection would look like in their particular space, prior to them having to buy any equipment. So far this year, he has set up half a dozen churches with the technology.

"Churches always love the fact that they don't have to buy additional computers, and only need to purchase one additional piece of external gear to run three projectors. Getting people up and running takes no time at all; once the tech volunteers or staff members see how the TripleHead2Go works, they get it and love it."

As for his freelance lighting and video DJ-ing, Camron's TripleHead2Go travels in his backpack wherever he goes. "Setup is fast and the device is always reliable. I can just walk into a room with my laptop and my TripleHead2Go and go crazy. I don't need to bring three computers."

From large sanctuaries to small group rooms, the TripleHead2Go offers an easy and cost-effective way to dramatically transform each space and produce spectacular visual environments that won't leave anyone indifferent.

Please visit for more information on Camron's work with architectural projection and design services. Photos of church setups he's worked on can be viewed at