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The Fundamentals of Simple and Effective Digital Signage Displays

Fundamentals of Digital Signage at the airport

It is an exciting time to be a part of the digital signage industry. As businesses start to shift their focus on improving customer experience with more engaging content while still generating sales, digital displays have quickly become one of the leading forms of internal and external communication. From digital menu boards at restaurants, wayfinding in and around hospitals or airports, to digital employee noticeboards, investing in a reliable digital signage system provides engaging, informative, and interactive experiences for your customers and employees.

Whether you are in retail, advertising, transportation, entertainment, or the restaurant business, digital signage not only enhances customer experience but can also drive your sales by reaching a large number of customers quickly and efficiently. No matter your audience or message, creating a visually stunning and informative digital signage display is a simple and cost-effective way to communicate that only requires three fundamental components: a display, a media player, and a digital signage content management system (CMS).  



The 3 elements of digital signage


A display is the main element of your digital signage design. There are many different types of displays that you can set up depending on how you would like your digital signage to look. Whether it is a computer monitor, television screen, LED screen, touchscreen, or a massive video wall, as long as your display has an HDMI access port, you can have as many screens as you need. Considering this is what your content will be displayed on, it is crucial to keep in mind the size of the display, the resolution, and the quality of the screen as it will impact the visual. If you are looking for an eye-catching and sharp display, it might be best to resort to a high-resolution LED screen over your basic computer monitor or television screen. 

Media Player

Media players are small, easy-to-use devices that store and render all your visual content to your digital displays. Digital signage media players come with various features, such as several content formats, built-in security, multi-screen support, and internet connectivity, which allows you to activate your digital signage content management system (CMS). The most important feature is its ability to process your content – the last thing you want is for your digital signage display to glitch or shut down. A media player with a higher processing power is more reliable than a low-cost media player with less processing power and prevents your digital signage system from overheating, freezing, or suddenly stopping . It is essential to pick a media player that works best for your current and future needs as it is a crucial part of your digital signage system.  

Content Management System (CMS)

All digital signage systems need a content management system (CMS) to help you manage your content in real-time. A CMS is either included in your digital signage system, downloaded, or cloud-based, allowing you to store, organize, target, schedule, edit, and deliver your content in one place. When you use a CMS with Matrox QuadHead2Go, you take your digital signage to the next level. Capable of taking a single input and splitting it into four, QuadHead2Go is a limitless appliance that gives digital signage content providers complete control over their content. It offers faster setups and gives you the ability to work offline by customizing and saving pre-set display configurations in advance. It also allows you to fine-tune bezels, crop, rotate, upscale, and downscale. By combining CMS with Matrox QuadHead2Go you can choose exactly what content you want to use, where and how you want it positioned, at what time you want it to play, and how you want it to look. This gives digital signage content producers a simple and efficient system that they can rely on to create and deploy striking displays. 

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