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Matrox Expands HDCP Support to Further Simplify Video Wall Designs

Enhanced HDCP Functionality Enables OEMs and System Integrators to Capture, Display, and Scale Premium AV Content Across High-Impact, Ultra-High-Resolution Video Walls

Montreal — 2 June 2020 — Matrox® today announces enhanced High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) support to simplify the integration of copy-protected sources in video wall designs. Available via the Matrox Mura 3.04 driver, this new development enables OEMs and system integrators to pair Matrox Mura IPX capture cards and Matrox D-Series multi-display boards to seamlessly capture and display multiple 4K HDCP sources across multi-4K video walls. HDCP-compliant platforms offer unique deployment opportunities to showcase premium, high-value AV content for a wide range of display wall applications in control rooms, government facilities, digital signage environments, broadcast studios, and more.

HDCP is a security feature designed to protect digital entertainment content by transmitting HDCP-encrypted signals between authorized transmitters and receivers. Matrox-based video wall controllers ensure reliable, secure, and uninterrupted signal delivery between multiple sources—including set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc™ and media players, video game consoles, and more—and multiple displays. Video wall designers are now equipped to meet any multi-channel requirement by combining multiple Mura IPX and D-Series cards with QuadHead2Go™ multi-monitor controllers to support a myriad of 4K HDCP sources across an ultra-large video wall of up to 64 Full HD screens.

“Video wall architects are seeing an increased demand for informative, entertaining, or eye-catching HDCP-encrypted content in their display wall designs, and Matrox’s latest HDCP development makes it easier for users to capture and display multiple 4K-protected sources,” said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, business development manager, Matrox. "With an integration-friendly, end-to-end platform, video wall customers have an additional customization tool to complement, enhance, or accentuate their display wall content.”


Expanded HDCP Support Availability

The Matrox Mura 3.04 driver is now available. For more information on the enhanced HDCP support, contact Matrox.

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