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Podcast: How IPMX and Open Standards are Helping Commercial AV and Broadcast Converge

For both the Broadcast and ProAV industries, the post-pandemic world has brought its share of challenges. Many in these industries have turned to IP as a way to automate, improve productivity, and reduce errors in order to ultimately remain flexible amid uncertainty in the live event space. With Broadcast and ProAV technology tending to rapidly evolve in distinct ecosystems, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of consistently needing to invest in costly upgrades to equipment and infrastructure. How can we redirect our attention to optimizing workflows and prioritizing added value? 

In this podcast interview with Commercial Integrator Editor-in-Chief, Dan Ferrisi, Matrox Video’s Dan Maloney and Ron Berty explore the many advantages of open standards, and how IPMX is leading the Broadcast and ProAV industries into an interoperable future. 


What is IPMX and why does it matter?

The Pro AV industry is filled with proprietary technologies. The result? Solutions with limited interoperability, increased costs, and frustrations for system designers and end customers alike. Enter IPMX. IPMX (Internet Protocol Media Experience) is a proposed set of open standards and specifications that promises to deliver a common set of standards and protocols in the transition from traditional AV infrastructures to IP network infrastructures.

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