ESPxCloud and Matrox Monarch

ESPxMedia Pte. Ltd is a video tech company founded with a vision to disrupt traditional broadcasting and game-change the actionable streaming video experiences around the world. Our platform, ESPxCloud is a turnkey subscription-based VaaS (Video-as-a-Service) for any online video providers to realize multi-camera, multi-location simultaneous live webcasts with unprecedented video content production and consumption experiences unlike any video solutions in the market. It goes one step further to add on these innovative “Actionable Elements”:

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Personalize: Content Producers can ingest any number of camera feeds associated with a single live event, and viewers become their own camera directors to choose the preferred video streaming viewports and layouts independently.

Interact: Viewers can participate in an open or multi-moderator public chat room, or form a private room for text, audio or video chat with other viewers.

Engage: Viewers can instantly respond to in-player quiz, poll, survey and feedback via call-for-action dialogs triggered from the Producer’s real-time control dashboard.

Monetize: Content Producers are in full control of in-video advertisements and able to push action buttons for viewers to make a purchase, donation or tip within our video player.

ESPxCloud’s integration with the Matrox Monarch family of high performance encoders enables live event producers to create new multi-camera or multi-PGM content to realize a new form of viewing experience where viewers can switch their point of views, participate in a chat, answer a survey or quiz, click on a sponsor’s banner to go to their website or click on a button to make a purchase all within a live stream.

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ESPxCloud & Matrox

Game-Changing, Multi-Camera Cloud Video Platform