StreamShark and Matrox Monarch

StreamShark is a technology company with expertise in reliable video stream delivery for global reach. It excels at making the live streams of large scale, high profile events a massive success with viewers having an exceptional viewing experience.

StreamShark's live event platform offers users the ability to efficiently and reliably manage the different phases of an event's stream, while ensuring maximum reach and reliability of the live stream via its multi-vendor approach with ingests and CDNs. StreamShark’s unique integration with the Matrox Monarch family of H.264 encoders (Monarch HDX and Monarch HD) makes live streaming effortless. It enables you to remotely control and efficiently manage multiple encoders on a network.

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Simplify live streaming workflows with Matrox Monarch encoders and StreamShark

Deep integration of StreamShark's Live Streaming Event platform with Matrox Monarch H.264 streaming and recording encoders makes live streaming workflows efficient. It allows users to remotely control and configure multiple Monarch appliances with ease and completely manage live stream settings and analytics. It also delivers audiences of live streams an exceptional viewing experience across platforms and devices (mobile, desktop, VR headsets).