Ubicast and Matrox Monarch

UbiCast is the European leader in interactive video content creation and sharing solutions. UbiCast users create, train, teach and communicate with video. With ten years of experience and user feedback, UbiCast has developed advanced Social Learning features and created the reference player for massive open online courses (MOOCs). The addition of comments, attachments, links, surveys or questionnaires alongside the video, engage each user and enrich the videos over time.

UbiCast offers solutions covering the entire video life cycle, from content creation to streaming and analytics. Non-specialist users can autonomously create and easily share their rich media videos.

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Sharing knowledge in video has never been easier.

When UbiCast is paired with the Matrox Monarch LCS encoder appliance, lecture capture is simple, automated, and affordable. Schedule Monarch LCS using iCal to automatically start/stop streaming and recording at the beginning and end of each lecture, or manage ad-hoc recordings via Monarch LCS’ user interface. Once recordings are complete, and successfully saved to an SD card or USB drive, files are ready to be transferred via FTP/sFTP to UbiCast—at a set-time, immediately after the lecture when the appliance is in idle, or manually when the time is right. UbiCast, compatible with many learning management systems (LMS), will then upload the video to your school’s designated platform. During playback, UbiCast’s player gives students the ability to dynamically select their preferred viewing layout from options such as Picture-in-Picture (PiP), Side-by-Side (SbS), or to uniquely focus on only the presenter or supporting material.

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