Matrox Monarch LCS Radar

Centralized Monitoring for Your Ideal Lecture Capture Appliances

In multi-seat installations—such as in university campuses—Monarch LCS Radar’s browser-based dashboard allows administrators to monitor and troubleshoot all Monarch LCS units deployed on the network.

Manage your networked appliances

manage your networked applications

Many organizations are spread across campuses, cities, countries, or the world. Managing more than a handful of networked appliances in these larger environments without the aid of a centralized monitoring tool can be a challenge for administrators looking to ensure smooth day-to-day operations.

The Matrox Monarch LCS Radar is a powerful yet easy-to-use web application that allows administrators to monitor all connected Monarch LCS appliances, as well as pinpoint and correct issues at a distance. Its intuitive dashboard shows the status of all units, including notifications on any network connectivity issues. Monarch LCS Radar can be accessed by any web-browser-enabled device found on the same network environment.

Get a complete picture

Monarch LCS Radar’s dashboard makes it simple to identify issues. Designed for ease-of-use, administrators can view activity and logs for individual Monarch LCS appliances. For efficient management of the entire campus infrastructure, Monarch LCS Radar also displays the current video and audio input status, in addition to input resolution and frame rates of each appliance.

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Confidence viewing

To safeguard against network or human error, an integrated pane provides a clear preview of audio and video inputs prior to or during encoding. Administrators can dynamically switch between two live inputs.

conference viewing

Automatic alerts

automatic alerts

Administrators need to respond to daily, on-the-fly requests from various staff and departments. The administrator can configure automatic email notifications to be sent should a problem occur with any unit being monitored. This provides an additional level of confidence since the administrator can then access the Monarch LCS in question from anywhere within the networked environment if any immediate action is required.

Organized groups

In larger installations, many appliances are deployed across the network, involving collaboration with different departments. The Monarch LCS Radar allows administrators to log in and categorize appliances into distinct groups—such as dentistry, business, and medicine departments—and see only those units assigned to each category. This streamlined view lets administrators manage groups from a drop down menu, selecting individual groups or viewing all networked devices.

organized groups

Additional administrator tools

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The Monarch LCS Radar dashboard provides a high-level overview of all Monarch LCS units—including schedules for each appliance—and tracks the success and failure of past events. From a single page, see the scheduled daily events for each Monarch unit,  the IP and MAC address and serial number of each device, as well as the units’ current status, be it idle, recording, streaming, transferring a file, or offline. Drilling down further, administrators can view current production modes for each encoder and the elapsed time of an on-going encoding operation.

Finally, from within the Monarch LCS Radar UI, administrators can launch Monarch Command Center and access any Monarch LCS unit to adjust settings, initiate ad-hoc recordings, and much more.

Registered users can download Monarch LCS Radar now.