Broadcast Developer Support

Register Your DSX SDK

New Customers ONLY!
Please use this form to register your SDK. As a registered developer, you are entitled to access the private Matrox Developer Support website and to the Matrox Developer Forum. You are also entitled to applications engineering support, hardware and software updates.


Developer Training

Matrox offers training for developers. Participants can learn how to master the Matrox DSX SDK through a combination of presentations by Matrox applications engineers, detailed examples, and hands-on programming exercises. You will leave the training ready to competently and confidently create state-of-the-art digital video applications based on the Matrox DSX hardware platform.


Private Developer Forum

Registered OEMs ONLY!
This forum provides users of Matrox Video products with access to product release information, software updates, technical assistance and support.


Private Developer Support

Registered OEMs ONLY!
This section provides Matrox Video product specifications, application notes, and other developer tools.


Contact Developer Support

Get in touch with our applications engineering team and receive assistance by phone or email.