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LUMA A380 graphics card
Experience the extraordinary in 8K

Drive two 8K displays or up to four high-resolution displays or projectors—up to 5K60—from a single LUMA A380 graphics card. Designed and built for reliability, stability, and ease of deployment, these single-slot PCIe® 4.0 x0 card with four full-size DisplayPort™ 2.1 connectors deliver superior graphics performance for today’s 8K HDR desktop applications. The LUMA A380 is ideal for multi-screen desktops, workstations, and digital signage players for a range of applications. Matrox LUMA Series is powered by Intel® Arc™ graphics.

Key features

HDR Support Icon

8Kp60 HDR support and 5K resolution support

Grey Icon Multi 5K8K Display

Quad output

HDCP Pad Icon

HDCP compliant

DisplayPort Pad Icon

DisplayPort 2.1

High density encoding icon

High density output

3 Year Warranty

3-year warranty

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Dedicated support included

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Custom control

High density output

Density Pad Icon

Deliver the best display density, resolution, and performance for demanding multi-monitor applications with PCIe® 4.0 x8 graphics cards featuring four native DisplayPort connectors. A standard-height single slot quad-output graphics card, LUMA A380 delivers the best display density, resolution, and performance for demanding multi-monitor applications—using only a single slot. 

Low power. Maximum efficiency.

LUMA A380’s low power consumption at 75W offers vendors simpler integration and a lower cost of ownership. Its low power consumption means you can install multiple cards in one system while using less power. LUMA A380 also eliminates the need for external power supplies.

Conduct IP Maximum

HDCP compliant

Grey Icon HDCP

LUMA Series graphics cards are designed for a range of professional multi-monitor desktop applications in control rooms, enterprises, industries, government, military, pro AV, digital signage, security, and more. HDCP compliance makes it possible to display protected content.

Advanced capabilities

With up to 6 GB of graphics memory, LUMA A380 graphics cards bring superior video playback and performance to a wide variety of video wall applications. Support for Microsoft® DirectX® 12 Ultimate, OpenGL® 4.6, OpenCL™ 3.0, Vulkan® 1.3, and Intel® oneAPI Video Processing Library (oneVPL), and OpenVINO™ enables you to run the latest professional applications.

Grey Icon Advanced Codec

Long product lifecycle

7 Years Longevity Icon

Benefit from a product longevity of seven years and dedicated customer support. Your product carries a three-year warranty and has an available extended warranty to ensure maximum protection.

Complete your setup

From cables and adapters to shelves and brackets, Matrox Video provides a range of hardware accessories that make connecting, installing, and securing your Matrox Video product quick and easy.

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Complete Your Setup Icon

Matrox PowerDesk

PowerDesk App Right Angle

Customize your setup with Matrox PowerDesk™ desktop management software (available for Windows). PowerDesk offers professional clients a comprehensive set of tools to deploy and control a variety of display configurations, including stretched or independent desktops, clone mode, pivot, bezel management, edge overlap, and more.  


Matrox MuraControl

Matrox MuraControl video wall management software provides an easy and intuitive way to manage your Matrox-based video wall, multiviewer, or personal video wall locally or remotely. Available as a feature-rich, single-license software for Microsoft® Windows®, MuraControl can be used to create and manage layouts offline or in real time. 


Matrox MuraControl for Windows and iPad

APIs & Libraries

Mura Developer Tools

Build custom applications

As part of our video wall portfolio, the LUMA Series graphics cards also offer a complete range of video wall software, APIs, SDKs, and libraries, allowing OEMs, system integrators, AV installers, and developers to create custom control functions and applications for any video wall installation. 


Technical specifications

Part number LUMA-A380
Bus type PCIe 4.0 x 16 (8x electrical)
Number of video outputs 4
Video output connectors 4x DisplayPort
DisplayPort specification 2.1 UHBR10
Maximum number of cards in a system 4


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