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The field-proven Matrox DSX SDK lets OEMs create hardware-based equipment or virtualized IP systems in record time. Powerful development tools are continuously updated to meet the evolving demands of the broadcast industry. Support for new IP transport protocols, file formats, video, and audio codecs and expanded metadata keep the development efforts agile, enable OEMs to build versatile solutions faster, and ensure interoperability in any broadcast environment. A prototyping tool provides a graphical representation of all components so developers can simulate and test use cases within minutes, before writing a single line of code.

Matrox DSX SDK

Key building blocks for developers 

An extensive set of powerful media processing modules is included in Matrox DSX SDK. A versatile file reader/writer, built-in ancillary data handling, video effects such as 2D/3D DVE plus a large selection of industry standard software codecs enable rapid application development. The SDK provides everything needed to develop cost-effective 4K, HD and SD video products based on hardware or virtual cloud-based infrastructures. Extensive file format support and adherence to industry standards ensure interoperability throughout the broadcast chain. 


DSX SDK Pixel Head

Software Modules

DSX SDK File Reader Icon

Robust file reader and playlist

The File Reader module provides ready-to-use playlist capability to implement applications like video playout servers. The playlist function supports multiple video and audio elements, all of which can have different file and codec formats. Each video and audio element can be a whole file or part of a file (with the duration defined with trim in and trim out operations). Developers can also take advantage of the smooth scrubbing and seeking capability for searching content within the playlist. The Matrox File Reader module can support non-standard files. To guarantee 24/7 reliability, the Matrox File Reader module undergoes automated regression tests for each software release based on 50,000+ hours of media assets collected from worldwide broadcasters. 

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Standards-compliant file writer

The File Writer module provides an easy and integrated way of capturing video, audio and ancillary data (closed captions, AFD, timecode, etc.) to many different industry-standard file formats. It ensures the media assets are safeguarded in industry-standard compliant formats. The File Writer allows appending and insertion of video and audio to existing files for significant time savings in live studio recording by avoiding post-production steps. The File Writer in combination with the File Reader, Time Delay (TD) and Instant Replay (IR) functions enable to playback or edit video while recording. Advanced functions like faster than real-time transcoding and consolidation without decoding and re-encoding the essence make media management a lot easier and faster.

DSX SDK Writter Icon
DSX SDK Codec Icon

Extensive file formats and codecs

A constantly expanding selection of codecs and file formats are supported to meet growing needs. Matrox works with camera manufacturers and standards bodies to ensure production codecs and file wrappers are compliant with specifications so they can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of applications and workflows. Currently supported codecs include MPEG-2, H.264, Sony XDCAM HD, and XAVC, Panasonic DVCPRO HD and AVC-Ultra, Apple ProRes and Avid DNxHD. Supported file formats include MXF, GXF, LXF, MOV, MP4, MPG, AVI, PitchBlue and more. 


High-performance software compositor

The Matrox CPU or GPU based compositor provides the capability to mix multiple streams (or layers) of video, animation files, or graphics into one output video stream. Each layer can have its own alpha plane and transparency. The compositor supports upstream compositing with video and alpha outputs and downstream compositing as final video output. The built-in intelligence automatically processes shaped or unshaped YUV, YUVA, and RGBA video formats. This dynamic compositor supports infinite-layer compositing allowing creativity to be unleashed.

DSX SDK Compositor Icon
DSX SDK Scaler Icon

High-quality software scaler

The Scaler module can perform up/down/cross conversion between broadcast or custom resolutions. It can also be used to provide smooth and graceful sub-pixel positioning and scaling for video effects. In addition, it can be used as a down-scaler to provide proxy video for preview or streaming purposes. The software scaler can be applied to video or video and alpha in one pass. It is accurate to 1/256 pixel in 8-bit and 1/1024 pixel in 10-bit.

Versatile video effects

A set of software video effects like 2D and 3D DVE are provided for applications that need video processing. High-quality chroma/luma keyers, with and without shadow, are ideal for virtual studio applications. Three-way selective color correction is done with highly optimized and sophisticated algorithms. Dynamic motion control for speed changes can be done with field or frame repeat or blending. A wide variety of fade, wipe and dissolve video effects are also provided.

DSX SDK Effects Icon
DSX SDK Ancillary Icon

Advanced ancillary data handling

Ancillary data is as important as video in broadcast applications. Matrox DSX SDK allows seamless processing, extraction, insertion, and manipulation of ancillary data. It handles both HANC and VANC packets to cover common metadata such as closed captioning (CC), AFD, timecode and more. Matrox DSX SDK also enables conversion of VANC packets from one video standard to another, or from one specification to another; such as CEA608 to SMPTE 334 for closed captions.

Built-in IP streaming

Through RTP, this module supports the receiving of IP streaming of MPEG-2 TS (transport stream) and provides demuxing and decoding of H.264 and AAC audio for further processing. On the output side, it encodes video and audio into a MPEG-2 transport stream with H.264 and AAC and outputs via RTP network.

DSX SDK Streaming Icon

Instant NDI connectivity

Simply add native Network Device Interface (NDI) support. This DSX SDK module enables products to find, send, and/or receive video streams over IP, with an encoding algorithm independent of resolution and frame rate supporting up to 4K, along with 16 channels (and more) of floating-point audio. This integrated module instantly facilitates connectivity and interoperability with many existing NDI devices.

Low-latency GPU transfer

This module provides fast transfers to and from GPU memory. These efficient data transfers support both DirectX and OpenGL based rendering. This process applies to both I/O cards and host file playback to GPU memory. The GPU Transfer module also provides a deterministic delay that is mandatory for live graphics.

DSX SDK Stamping Icon

Precise time stamping

Matrox DSX SDK provides developers with sophisticated built-in system clocks to time stamp critical operations. The operations could include real-time or non real-time video processing and playout, with guaranteed audio, video and ancillary data synchronization. Within each of the system clock frequencies, video and audio data with different frame rates and resolutions can be processed and synchronized. Therefore, you can support SD, HD, 3G and 4K, all in the same process.

Advanced fail-safe & disaster recovery

For both hardware and software products, Matrox DSX SDK provides the most secure and fail-safe mechanism for on-air applications. OEMs can take advantage of this module to best handle a disaster recovery situation. The heart of this module is the Matrox Control Engine (MCE) which provides a sophisticated system recovery scheme with seamless transition between standard application control and failure recovery. For live production workflows, recovery can be completely glitch-free without any pipeline losses.

DSX SDK Recovery Icon
DSX SDK Topology Icon

Easy graphical prototyping tool

The Matrox Topology Builder application is a Java based Windows and Linux graphical prototyping tool that is provided with Matrox DSX SDK. It visually depicts all the components in the Topology API allowing users to build their workflows in the same logical fashion as developers would programmatically code their application. Topology Builder can be used by both developers as well as those without any programming knowledge. Users can simulate and validate complex workflows even before writing a single line of code. A user can simply drag and drop the components to create a workflow (topology) and test it. 


Development environments

Matrox DSX SDK is available for both Windows and Linux operating systems.

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