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Matrox has been a trusted partner of some of the world’s leading OEMs for decades now. We offer a broad product and intellectual property (IP) portfolio to help OEMs and solution providers accelerate product development, customization, and time to market. Our products are designed to provide substantial value to customers looking to balance the cost of designing a custom solution with the ease of purchasing a commercial-off-the-shelf solution. Through expert design, long product life cycle, and dedicated support, Matrox helps advance your product development processes, so you can focus on business.

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One-stop shop

Matrox is a one-stop-shop for OEM development. Our portfolio of solutions ranges from graphics, imaging, and video IP, to hardware designs and source code—everything you need to bring your product to market.


Custom & turnkey solutions

Whatever your requirements—an off-the-shelf product that’s ready to go or a one-off custom project—our experienced team of engineers will work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

40+ years of engineering expertise

Since 1976, the world’s leading OEMs have relied on Matrox to deliver reliable, high-quality hardware and software solutions for a range of markets and applications.

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IP cores

Matrox IP cores have become the gold standard in critical applications thanks to their stability, long product life cycles, and low power consumption. With programming support for GDI, DirectX, and OpenGL, our IP cores have been designed into highly integrated System-on-a-chip (SoC) devices targeted at servers, video appliances, and mobile internet devices, to name a few.
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Chips (ASIC)

Our extraordinary attention to ASIC designs means that selected components have long lifecycles and a low power footprint. Matrox ASICs feature high-bandwidth video input ports to directly capture multiple HD and SD video streams, and support a multitude of output connectivity options including DVI, DisplayPort, LVDS, and HD15. Our ASIC technology has been adopted by industry leaders in avionics, entertainment, industrial automation, navigational displays, process control, and mission critical environments.

Source code

Access to the Matrox software source code further enables you to leverage the capabilities of your Matrox product and develop your project to your specifications. Also available are GPU programming guides, register specifications, as well as knowledge of third-party devices and components used in the manufacturing process.
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Hardware solutions

From custom printed circuit boards using market-standard bus interfaces, to stand-alone appliances or components, we can help you bring your next generation of solutions to market with the right hardware. Appliance sub-assemblies include: encoders, decoders, IP multiviewers, IP-KVM transmitters, as well as receivers, recorders, multi-monitor controllers, and more.

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