Control Rooms

Visualize. Improve Communication. Manage the Situation.

Monitoring and sharing an ever-expanding volume of video and data is essential for control room collaboration. Rapid analysis of evolving situations often involves tracking multiple sources on a video wall, where high-quality capture and scaling is important for communicating critical information.

Control rooms around the world rely on Matrox technology to capture, extend, stream, display, record, switch, and manage content required for effective decision making.

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Control Room

AV Distribution

Matrox AV Distribution


Learn more about how Matrox Video solutions can help you build up your AV distribution and display ecosystem.

The Matrox Advantage

AV distribution

Leveraging IP networks to stream and record critical video and data is becoming more prevalent as control room managers look for more cost-effective methods of AV distribution.

Smooth and secure operation

Operators can monitor multiple displays at their desks and depend on smooth, high-quality video performance and real-time responsiveness—whether their computer systems are located beside them, or centralized with other equipment in a secure area.

Scalable and interoperable

We champion industry standards to ensure maximum flexibility, compatibility, and interoperability—including with third parties. Our adoption of open standards means we’re able to ensure continuity, long-term viability, cost-effectiveness, and transparency to our customers.

24/7 reliability

Matrox Video products are used in industries that demand consistent performance and reliability. Our customers and partners have come to rely on the quality, dependability, and longevity our products are known for.

Long product life cycles

Mission-critical environments demand long product life cycles to reduce migration and maintenance costs. Matrox products have long product life cycles that protect against component obsolescence and meet the needs of mission-critical environments.

Dedicated customer support

Benefit from the numerous advantages of Matrox world-class hardware and software products. Our dedicated support team will gladly help you address any technical issues and challenges you may have, and avoid business down time.

Use Cases

Dispatch centers

View events, improve communication flow, manage urgent situations from afar.

Process control

Monitor critical information, respond to system failures, and make decisions faster.

Traffic monitoring

Monitor the grid, share information, and keep traffic moving.

Security & Surveillance

Output to multiple displays, analyze real-time data, and respond to incidents faster.

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