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Build new video wall management applications, add video wall control to existing applications, or integrate it into popular control systems—the choice is yours. Matrox Video offers a complete range of software, APIs, and libraries to help you deploy intuitive, ready-to-use software or build custom interfaces and applications based on project needs. Whatever the installation requirement, our powerful video wall software provides the necessary toolkit to build complete end-to-end solutions.


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Matrox Network API

The Matrox Network API provides OEMs, ISVs, AV integrators, consultants, and end users with an easy-to-use programming interface to quickly and easily start building powerful video wall control software for Matrox-powered systems.


Focus on custom settings and intuitive user interfaces, while the Network API executes all the cumbersome, back-end programming operations.


Network API commands are OS agnostic and can add Mura-based video wall processing functions to applications running on Microsoft® Windows®, Linux™, and other operating systems.


Easily integrate Mura-based video wall control within popular commercial audio/video automation systems (e.g. AMX, Crestron) to provide customers with a single touch panel interface to control multiple devices.

Featuring a network-centric interface, the Network API contains a comprehensive list of text-based commands designed to eliminate low-level coding typically required for developing remote video wall controller management applications (ex: assigning system memory, managing hardware resources, etc.). This drastically minimizes programming requirements and enables fast and easy software development, so developers with even basic-level coding skills can effortlessly start writing video wall scripts and commands. 

Leveraging the Telnet and the HTTPS network protocol means the Network API experience can run on any client application, hardware device, operating system, and standard Ethernet LAN—ensuring interoperability and facilitating deployment in virtually any environment. For secure installations where no network is available, the Network API also supports RS-232 serial communication. The Network API supports the HTTPS protocol to encrypt communication between the remote system and the appliance.


A C/C++ based API to build custom capture, streaming, and display video wall applications. The VWLib API makes use of DirectX under Windows.

PowerDesk API

PowerDesk API is a C/C++ based API that allows for custom configuration and control of Matrox Video graphic card outputs. PowerDesk provides OEMs, AV integrators, consultants, and end-users alike to control a variety of display configurations including setting stretched or independent desktops, clone mode, pivot, bezel management, edge overlap, EDIDs control, and more.

SDK compatibility

  Software development kits
Hardware Matrox Network API Matrox VWLib API Matrox PowerDesk API 
Matrox Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series + LUMA Pro Series  Yes Yes Yes
Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series + LUMA Series  Yes Yes No
Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series + D-Series Yes Yes Yes
Matrox Mura IPX Capture Series + 3rd Party Yes Yes No


Compatibility within the same system

  Mura IPX 4K
Capture Cards
LUMA Pro Series  LUMA Series Matrox D-Series QuadHead2Go Series Third-Party
Mura IPX 4K Capture Cards
LUMA Pro Series 
LUMA Series
Matrox D-Series
QuadHead2Go Series
Third-Party Graphics
✔ Currently compatible.               ✘ Not compatible.               
Mura IPX 4K Capture Cards + LUMA Series or LUMA Pro Series Microsoft Windows (64-bit) 10,11, Server 2019, 2022
LUMA Series or LUMA Pro Series Microsoft Windows (64-bit) 10,11, Server 2019, 2022
Mura IPX 4K Capture Cards +  
D-Series Graphic Cards
Microsoft Windows (64-bit) 10, 11, Server 2019, 2022
QuadHead2Go Series This product works independently of the source's operating system