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Media Routing Appliance & Software

Transitioning your equipment installation to IP does not have to be expensive or complicated. With Matrox® ConductIP, you can discover, monitor, and route any AMWA NMOS-enabled SMPTE ST 2110 or IPMX-ready device or signal. ConductIP is available as a web server-based application packaged in a small-form factor appliance, or as a software-only option. ConductIP gives you a real-time, comprehensive view of all media content on your IP network while allowing you to organize devices based on your unique setup. Designed to simplify content distribution in AV networks of any size, ConductIP enables you to manage video, audio, and ancillary data streams, whether they come from native IP devices or are converted from your existing broadcast and ProAV equipment.

Your entire media installation at a glance

  • Discover, route, and monitor any  NMOS-enabled SMPTE ST 2110 or IPMX-ready open standards device

  • Transport uncompressed or compressed video, audio, and ancillary data to any location on your network

  • Uncompressed content over 10G and 25G networks, and  compressed content over 1G and 2.5G networks

  • Access ConductIP from any network-connected device using a web browser

  • Intuitive UI for complete visibility of your installation

  • Manage multi-device installations on your IP network via a single interface

  • Extensive administrator and multi-user rights management options

  • Flexible, scalable licensing options for your organization’s unique requirements

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Your content. Your network. Your simplified routing tool.

Convert IP open options

Keep your options open

With ConductIP, you have the option to choose among best-of-breed products – including COTS equipment – that best suit your needs and workflows. New standards will continue to emerge, but this does not have to affect your existing installation. ConductIP is interoperable with a wide range of hardware on the market to help support your transition to IP.

Experience complete control

With ConductIP, there is no need for complex software installations, dedicated engineers, or extensive user training. This intuitive web-server based solution gives multiple authorized users real-time access to all AV devices on the network.

Conduct IP Control
Conduct IP Maximum

Get the maximum return on your investment

Scaling media networks is as easy as scaling an IT network. With ConductIP, you do not have to invest in specialized equipment or personnel to leverage and expand your existing installation. ConductIP’s flexible licensing model can also easily scale up alongside your network.