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Optimized Resource Management Leader is Seeing Green with Matrox-Powered Video Wall

Matrox video wall technology and VView software combine to enhance data management and analysis at Veolia Netherlands’ sustainable energy smart monitoring center

In our world today, experts are relentlessly seeking out ways to optimize energy consumption in order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy and drive down our combined environmental footprint. Using real-time data about the urban metabolisms of cities around the world, Veolia, a global leader in water, waste, and energy services is working toward a more sustainable future. Thanks to the dynamic combination of the Matrox video wall capture and graphics cards and VView video wall management software, Veolia Netherlands’ smart monitoring center, or Hubgrade, is able to centralize, analyze, and track data about energy flows and consumption via a state-of-the-art, 3x2 video wall.

When Veolia began building a new Hubgrade for its Netherlands headquarters, it planned to incorporate four workstations with access to a video wall system. The video wall system itself would be a crucial component for experts to be able to monitor the energy flows of industries, municipalities, and more for Veolia’s end customers. By carefully tracking energy flows across several screens, experts would be able to provide customers with actionable plans for improvement.

To achieve this, Veolia needed a video wall controller that would provide access to four different operator workstations and have the option to add baseband inputs as well as IP sources. After consulting with AV integrator, AVEX, and seeing a live demonstration of a Matrox-powered video wall at the Eindhoven demo facility of AV distributor Sahara Benelux, Veolia decided on the combined solution of the Matrox Mura IPX video wall capture cards, Matrox graphics cards, and VView’s Classic software. “This initiative was fairly complex in nature, but seeing how simple and seamless all video wall operations were first-hand, we decided that the Matrox video wall technology and VView software combination was best-suited for our project,” said Ronald Remijn, district manager at Veolia Netherlands.

Going with the (energy) flow

At the Veolia Netherlands Hubgrade, the smart monitoring setup comprises a data-rich 3x2 video wall using 46-inch monitors installed above four operator desks. The Matrox Mura IPX-based video wall controller allows Veolia operators to aggregate and display data from multiple sources. These sources include VLC files, HTML web pages, custom web browser application, and a variety of baseband inputs – all scheduled using VView’s software. VView also has the added convenience of having multiple users connect to the video wall controller. ”The browser-based user interface was very intuitive and easy to use,” said Remijn. “In addition, end-to-end encryption allows the software to communicate securely with the Matrox-based controller producing a truly remarkable video wall ecosystem.”

Powering the future

By choosing a Matrox-powered video wall, Veolia Netherlands found itself being able to monitor energy flows to therefore generate sustainable energy solutions, convert more Hubgrade visitors into clients, and further distinguish itself from its competitors.

Between its contribution to providing solutions to clients and the overall effect the video wall system has on Hubgrade visitors, Matrox’s video wall technology has become integral to the functioning of Veolia Netherlands’ Hubgrade. “The Matrox platform allows us to utilize our energy monitoring center to its fullest potential,” said Remijn. “The video wall system is a foundational part of the total operation of the Hubgrade, and our customers think it’s pretty impressive as well.”