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Matrox Maevex 7100 Series

PowerStream Plus Software for Maevex 7100 Series

Powerstream Plus UI
Complete Reach and Control

Discover, configure, and monitor all Matrox Maevex Series encoders and decoders anywhere on the network with Matrox PowerStream Plus software. PowerStream Plus provides full visibility and control of your entire infrastructure—zoom out for a macro-level overview of the Maevex topology, or drill in on a particular unit or group to fine-tune the parameters. This complimentary software supports Maevex 7100 Series, 6100 Series, and 5100 Series devices.

Your entire Maevex network. At a single glance.

  • Automatically discover Maevex units or manually add units outside the subnet. 
  • Adjust individual settings for each Maevex 7100 unit for control over each device’s configuration. 
  • Deliver Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) v2 and v3 support for network administration and management. 
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Configure and control devices. From anywhere.

Powerstream Plus Telemetry

Monitor devices in real time 

PowerStream Plus software provides status updates so you can monitor all devices, streams, and recordings from a convenient user interface, accessible from single or multiple locations in real-time, anywhere on the network. You can also manage your workflow by organizing encoders and/or decoders into groups. A convenient dashboard provides device information and telemetry at a glance, enabling any issues to be quickly identified and resolved. 

Configure and apply stream settings to your device 

  • Adjust parameters such as scaling resolution and refresh rate, bitrates, and streaming protocols. 
  • Implement rate control by choosing between Constant Bitrate (CBR) or Variable Bitrate (VBR) with customizable max/min bitrate. 
  • Choose from multiple streaming protocols (RTSP, MPEG2-TS, RTP, SRT, RTMP), set up multicast streaming, and customize stream URLs. 
  • Record for after-action-review (AAR) to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Network Video Recorder (NVR). 


Maevex 7112 Stream Settings
Maevex 7112 Device Settings

Streamline device management with user-friendly settings 

  • Access device information, update firmware, and use the status LED to easily identify units.
  • Switch between DHCP and static IP modes and with support for either IPv4 and IPv6 networks.
  • Configure NAS settings for efficient data storage solutions. 
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory and local user accounts. 

Deliver content anywhere, anytime

Deliver Maevex streams to third-party technology like streaming media servers, content delivery networks (CDNs), and video surveillance management systems (VMS) for complete control over each network installation. 

Maevex 7100h Powerstream Plus Workflow

Manage user access, securely

Secure Access Icon

Your Maevex environment is password-protected to ensure your installation is secure. Control what features users can access by establishing credentialed profiles for any system operator. You can also create and manage user authentication directly through Microsoft Active Directory for access control. 

Control via HTTPS connectivity

Control via HTTPS communication means that all command signals are sent securely using encryption. This ensures that Maevex is protected against unauthorized access and preserves data integrity.

Stay up to date with software and firmware upgrades

Use the separate Maevex Firmware Updater tool to perform software upgrades to a single device or perform system-wide deployments to multiple devices. PowerStream Plus is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® 11, Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2022, and Windows Server 2019. 

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Easy APIs for full customization and integration

Customize the appearance of your Matrox Video product—with new company naming, images, logos, colors, buttons, and identity—for greater ease of use and complete white label branding of Matrox Video hardware and software.

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