Matrox Monarch EDGE Compatible Products

Needs evolve over time, making flexibility and scalability key components of any successful installation. At Matrox, we build true relationships with customers, creating a global network to help formulate comprehensive solutions for streaming, recording, converting, and developing video content.

The Matrox® Monarch EDGE is a 4K UHD/multi-HD, low latency encoder for webcasting, remote production and contribution workflows. Designed for convenience, Monarch EDGE delivers unparalleled, robust encoding power with the wide-ranging aptitude of the H.264 codec.This compact, standalone encoder is versatile and integrates seamlessly into virtually any SD and HD installation and pairing with a diverse range of third-party video technology and service service providers, including Strategic Partners, Content Delivery Networks, Online Video Platforms, and Media Servers.

Strategic partners

maketv pad logo

Make.TV incorporates crowd-sourced, contributor-based and live social video feeds, allowing broadcasters to discover, acquire, produce, and distribute video content — from anyone, anywhere.

panasonic pad logo

Panasonic offers innovative professional video products and technologies for live studio and live event production, news production, content creation, house of worship, higher education, sports, and more. Our products include cinema, pan/tilt/zoom, studio cameras; 8K ROI multi-camera system; switchers; Tecnopoint rail and Totem systems; and production monitors. And new is KAIROS, the ultimate IT/IP video production platform for unleashing your creative vision and crafting amazingly immersive experiences.

sbg pad logo

SBG Sports Software develops a wide range of software applications for performance analysis, officiating and fan engagement for live events.

sony virtual production pad logo

Virtual Production by Sony, is an On-demand Cloud-Based Production Switcher for Professional Live Streaming. Share Events. Virtual Production can switch and cut between 6 Live Streams and 2 clips players, packed with Logos and Titles insertion. Reach Further. Broadcast Live.

Techex. pad logo

Techex is renowned for crafting live broadcast software and solutions with technology partners and an in-house team of Cloud and video over IP specialists to solve the most complex problems. They are tech trailblazers, driving transformations in live broadcasting solutions that combine the exacting standards of live broadcast with the exciting possibilities of the Cloud.

THEOlive logo

THEOlive is an end-to-end cloud based video API for real-time streaming at scale. Through its API-first approach, any interactive video service can start streaming in ultra-low latency within minutes, delivering the best quality of experience on the market today.

vimeo pad logo

Vimeo provides creators with tools and technology to to host, share, and stream digital video content with no ads.

viz engine pad logo

Viz Engine is one of today’s most powerful real-time graphics rendering engines and video servers. It renders animated 3D scenes in real-time, producing high-end animations in HD, 4K and beyond. Viz Engine functions as a standalone video server as well as a complete graphics and video compositing platform.

vis opus pad logo

Viz Opus brings any content to life with this powerful live production system. Combining Vizrt’s studio automation workflow and the Viz Engine graphic engine and video playback server, Viz Opus enables world-class production quality, error-free live content and great consistency. A simple, story focused, user interface allows the director to operate all aspects of the live production from a single console.

vmix pad logo

The vMix Software Video Mixer and Switcher is the complete live video production software solution.

vodalys dotstudio pad logo

Vodalys.Studio is your online studio for live streaming which combines all the power of a professional video studio to make it accessible via a simple web page.

Content delivery networks

akamai pad logo

Akamai operates the world’s largest and most advanced, cloud-based platform for securely distributing and accelerating web content, enterprise applications, and video.

aws media services pad logo

AWS Elemental MediaLive is a broadcast-grade live video processing service. It lets customers create high-quality video streams for delivery to broadcast televisions and internet-connected devices, like connected TVs, tablets, smart phones, and set-top boxes.

espxmedia pad logo

ESPxCloud is game changing the conventional video viewing experience with its unique multi-camera multi-location platform and Actionable insights of Personalize, Interact, Engage and Monetize to realize new experiences that content producers can create with viewers. 


limelight pad logo

Limelight Networks® provides organizations a platform to deliver faster websites, the highest quality video, and consistent game and software downloads to any device.

metacdn pad logo

MetaCDN leverage tier-one cloud storage and CDN suppliers in order to offer enterprise-class content delivery, video encoding and steaming services on a unmatched global scale.

Online video platforms

ctvt collect tv ticket pad logo

College TV Ticket streams and webcasts media content and is a distribution channel for live college sports, supporting fine student athletes.

concert window pad logo

Concert Window is an innovative online portal for watching live music, the go-to brand for broadcasting performances online, and connecting with fans for free.

dacast pad logo

DaCast, Streaming as a Service™, is a self-service, all-in-one streaming platform, enabling video and audio content owners to easily start broadcasting high-quality video over the web.

edgecast verzon pad logo

Edgecast, Verizon's content delivery network, offers a faster, more reliable and secure digital performance than other CDNs, across all devices.

facebook live pad logo

Facebook Live is a live-streaming video feature that permits broadcasting video directly from IP-enabled smart devices.

ibm cloud video pad logo

UStream is a cloud-based platform for external delivery of live and on-demand content.

stretch internet pad logo

Stretch® Internet is the largest online content delivery network provider that specializes in streaming collegiate athletics and church services.

youtube pad logo

YouTube™ is a video sharing platform which allows users to upload, view, rate, and share digital video content.

Media servers

adobe technology pad logo

Adobe® media server software delivers live and on-demand video to IP-connected devices using industry-standard technologies.

red5 pad logo

Red5 is a cross-platform, open-source media server for live streaming and on-demand video.

wowza pad logo

Wowza™ is a customizable, cloud-based media streaming server that allows for building, deploying, and managing high-quality live and on-demand video.


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