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AmyDV Outfits Asso Group Ship’s Control Rooms with Matrox Video Products for Underwater Cabling Operations

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AmyDV collaborated with Asso Group’s IT team to design and install video processing and distribution systems on a ship fitted for underwater cabling operations. The project deployed Matrox Video’s reliable and efficient products, including the Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K Encoder, Matrox Mura IPX Series card, Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controller, Matrox D1450 graphics card, and Matrox NRG redundant power supply.

Despite the challenging conditions at sea, the project was a success, thanks to the high-performance Matrox Video products installed by solution integrator AmyDV. 

Pushing Boundaries in Maritime Control Room Solutions

Asso Group is a company specializing in underwater cable installation and maintenance services, and their latest project required a ship that could accommodate control and operations rooms specifically designed for this purpose. The ship, a CLV Ariadne, is a DP-3 Cable Laying Vessel for worldwide operations. It had to be equipped with reliable and efficient systems that could operate seamlessly even in the most challenging conditions, as repairs and maintenance operations would be difficult and time-consuming out at sea. 

Asso Group approached Matrox Video to outfit their newest ship with video wall equipment for multiple control rooms and operator rooms. The two companies have had a longstanding relationship, with Asso Group relying on Matrox Video devices for previous projects. They chose to work with Matrox Video once again due to the proven dependability of their products and the desire to maintain a unified, cohesive yet flexible ecosystem by using products from the same brand. 

Matrox Video selected AmyDV as their chosen collaborator for deploying complete solutions, including video walls, AV networking, and communication solutions. AmyDV is a leading media integration company that handles projects in the shipping industry, such as installing onboard entertainment systems and digital signage. An especially demanding application is the installation of a control room on a ship. At the beginning of the project, Matrox Video scheduled a VideoLab appointment with AmyDV in order to demonstrate all deployed products live in interaction. 

Overcoming the Seascape Trials

The ship's large size and the number of rooms that required video wall solutions posed a challenge for the project team. There were five operator rooms, each with a 2x2 video wall, and two big control rooms with over 32 monitors. The project also had to integrate external sources such as ~90 FHD IP cameras and PC screens, which required a unified bank of signals that could be configured for each project.  

Matrox Video, AmyDV, and Asso Group’s experts were tasked at developing a video wall solution with products that deliver best-of-breed quality, minimal latency, and uncompromising reliability. 

Best-of-breed quality 

Asso Group required a video wall solution of the highest quality due to the demanding nature of their control room operations at sea. With critical tasks such as underwater cabling operations, they needed a solution they could trust to integrate seamlessly into their existing network while delivering exceptional performance and accuracy. 

Minimal latency 

In an environment where underwater operations are crucial and uninterrupted performance is essential, minimal latency becomes paramount. Asso Group’s ship operators require real-time monitoring for immediate response to critical situations, as even the slightest delay could have significant consequences. 

Uncompromising reliability 

Reliability is of utmost importance in a maritime environment, especially for a ship like Asso Group's that operates in remote locations with limited repair opportunities. The ship's control rooms required equipment that could withstand the rigors of constant operation, varying temperatures, and potential vibrations. 

Anchoring Success with Innovative Setups and Cutting-Edge Devices

The project relied significantly on the deployment of Matrox Video products, with a particular focus on the Mura IPX cards and Maevex 6152 video encoder.  

The Mura IPX cards played a central role in both control rooms (Control Room #1 & #2) and all five operator rooms (D1-5), serving as the core components of the video wall solutions. They enabled seamless processing and viewing of distributed video feeds, ensuring synchronized displays across the ship's control rooms. The Maevex 6152 encoder facilitated the flexibility to route any signal to any screen in any room, granting administrators full control and customization over the content distribution throughout the ship. 



AmyDVI control room ship


In total, more than 15 Matrox devices drive over 40 monitors in 7 rooms (control and operator rooms). The total ecosystem included: 


  • Matrox D1450 graphics cards 

  • Matrox Mura IPX Series 4K Capture & IP Decode

  • Matrox Mura IPX Series 4K Decode & Display 

  • Matrox MuraControl for Windows software 

  • Matrox QuadHead2Go Multi-Monitor Controller 


  • Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K Encoder 

  • Matrox NRG Redundant Power Supply Unit 

  • WallD4 (with embedded single Matrox Mura IPX 4K IP Decode & Display card) 

  • 4TheWall software 

Control Room #1 (C1): Comprehensive System Monitoring

Control Room #1 played a crucial role in monitoring a vast array of ship systems and operations, including external sources such as IP cameras, PC screens, and important core applications that required high quality streaming with minimum latency.

To achieve this, the setup began with the Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K encoder, which captures and encodes the necessary video feeds into standard H.264 video streams. 

AmyDV Control Room C1
AmyDV Control Room workflow ship CR1

These feeds are then streamed over standard 1 GbE copper ethernet network cables to two Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Decode cards for further processing (decoding) and distribution to the graphics cards outputs over the PCIe-bus. The Mura IPX cards were integrated with two Matrox D1450 graphics cards into one PC, each with four 4K outputs, which enabled driving high-quality visuals on the control room's expansive video wall monitors. With interconnected Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers, each of the graphics card outputs could be quadrupled again.

All external Matrox Video appliances were supported by the reliable Matrox NRG redundant power supply, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation even in challenging conditions. 


Control Room #2 (C2): Streamlined Operations Monitoring

In Control Room #2, the focus was primarily on monitoring operations systems, with some integration of ship systems.

Similar to Control Room #1, the Matrox Maevex 6152 Quad 4K encoder served as the foundation for capturing, encoding, and streaming video feeds from mission critical interfaces. The free space between the glass windows is maximized by installing nine 24” monitors, for more efficient monitoring and control of critical operations. 

AmyDV Control Room C2
AmyDV Control Room workflow ship CR2

The encoded feeds are processed and distributed using the Matrox Mura IPX 4K Capture & IP Decode card and controlled by 4TheWall software. Three additional interconnected Matrox QuadHead2Go multi-monitor controllers allow control of up to 12 FHD monitors, from just three 4K sources, enabling efficient monitoring and control of critical operations.

As in Control Room #1, the Matrox NRG redundant power supply ensured the reliability and continuous functionality of the setup. 

Operator Rooms (D1-5): Specialized Team Environments

The operator rooms were designed to cater to specialized teams within Asso Group. These rooms served as dedicated spaces where specific subsets of systems were monitored. The video wall setups in these rooms consisted of 2x2 configurations, providing a comprehensive view of essential data and visuals.

To drive these video walls, Matrox Mura IPX 4K IP Decode & Display output cards were used along with Matrox MuraControl for Windows software, ensuring seamless and synchronized content delivery across all screens. This hardware-based solution not only offers the same benefits as a software-based approach, but also guarantees enhanced reliability. 

AmyDV Control Room d15

Navigating the Waters with Unmatched Quality, Low Latency, and Reliability

The collaboration between Matrox Video and AmyDV proved to be instrumental in delivering a cutting-edge video wall solution, enabling Asso Group to navigate the waters with confidence and efficiency. AmyDV's collaboration proved invaluable in product selection and room design, facilitating a seamless interaction throughout the process. Their responsive support ensured prompt solutions, often provided within the same working day. 

Implementing Matrox Video's technology was a straightforward process as the technology is mature and built into finished products with advanced APIs, supported by experienced engineers. The Asso Group IT team, with the help of Matrox Video's engineers and specialized salespeople, were able to handle all the user setup and training for the project. 

According to David Chalkidis, Solutions Expert at AmyDV, “the Matrox Video devices provided significant benefits, including saving time, cost, and equipment. The devices, engineers, and support teams were key to getting the project delivered and operational in record time for the ship’s departure despite global disruptions caused by the pandemic.”  

Dimitris Theodoropoulos, the Manager of Asso.subsea's Survey Team, has emphasized the pivotal role of video walls and signal distribution in project execution. According to him, "Video walls and signal distribution are vital for project execution, granting the Supervisor a comprehensive overview of operations from a single Control room. Matrox and Amy DV deliver a reliable system, designed to meet the demanding requirements of a 24-hour operational environment, even on a vessel."  

The project’s success has led to plans to outfit other ships in the fleet with Matrox Video products in the near future.