GXM System Compatibility

The Compatibility Tool is the best way to ensure your PC is compatible with DualHead2Go and/or TripleHead2Go, but it only works if you are running a supported Windows Operating System. Use the Compatibility Wizard if you own a Mac, or if you are planning to buy a system and want to double-check compatibility prior to purchase. You must verify that your system is compatible prior to purchasing DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go in order for the product warranty to be valid.


For Windows OS

Compatibility tool

Automatically checks your system GPU and tells you whether or not it is compatible, and what resolutions you can expect to achieve.


Compatibility wizard

Lets you select a system GPU and then provides a list of maximum resolutions supported for that model. You can also view the complete list of compatible systems, based on GPU model.


For Mac OS

Compatibility wizard

Lets you select a Mac system model and then provides a list of supported DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go products and the supported maximum resolutions.

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