Matrox Monitor Bezel Management

Exclusive to the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition and TripleHead2Go DP Edition, the Matrox Monitor Bezel Management™ feature was designed to enhance gaming environments by converting three seemingly disjointed images into one continuous image. This conversion allows gamers who rely on life-like replication across three monitors to enjoy a more realistic view of their games without impacting the game's performance. With a more accurate view, Monitor Bezel Management conveniently provides the gamer with a first-class Surround Gaming experience like no other.

With Bezel Management

Screens with benzel management

Without Bezel Management

screens without benzel management

A. Desktop will shift by the total width of the bezel between monitor 1 and 2

B. Desktop will shift by the total width of the bezel between monitor 2 and 3

Bringing a new realism to gaming

Monitor Bezel Management feature, which is managed through the Matrox PowerDesk software interface, ensures a continuous image across multiple monitors. This unique feature "hides" part of the image that should appear behind the monitor frame, creating a more aligned, seamless view of your environment. The monitor bezels effectively become part of the game and partially obstruct your view; you can discover the objects hidden behind the bezels by moving the in-game camera. This experience is comparable to looking through the cockpit of an aircraft where the frames of the window block the pilot's view.

For more information, please visit our Matrox Monitor Bezel Management white paper.