What is the SRT Protocol?

What is the SRT Protocol? Learn more about SRT and the benefits of using this new protocol. As a fierce advocate of interoperability and standards, Matrox Video was among the early supporters of SRT and is a member of the SRT Alliance that manages and pro

Fundamentals of Multi-Channel Encoding for Streaming

Encoding refers to converting captured video and/or rendered PC graphics into a digital format that helps facilitate recording, moving, multiplying, sharing, altering, or otherwise manipulating the video content for editing, transport, and viewing. 

Fundamentals of AV over IP

AV over IP stands for “Audio-Visual over Internet Protocol”. Essentially, it is the transmission of audio-visual data over a network such as a LAN, WAN, or the internet. As opposed to traditional AV environments, AV over IP (also known as AV/IP) refers to

What is Remote Production?

Remote production – also referred to as REMI, REMote Integration, or at-home production – is a workflow in which live event content is captured and sent via IP links to a centralized production facility where the final program is produced and distributed.

AV Integrators, Don’t Fear the IT Network

It is an indisputable fact that the AV industry is heading down the path where more signals are transported across IP networks. Achieving reliable, high-quality video and audio distribution over the network is now possible with less bandwidth than ever.

IP KVM Solutions for 24/7 Environments

Organizations running critical systems for control or monitoring need a high availability strategy for continuous operation. This strategy puts in place redundancies and failover mechanisms to help them recover quickly in the event of a system failure.

Your AV Signal Management Questions, Answered

When you watched our webinar How to Easily Manage your AV Network with Maximum Flexibility, you saw firsthand how Matrox ConvertIP transmitters/receivers can help overcome the limitations of complex, expensive, and proprietary IP platforms.

Choosing the Best KVM Extender — Key Considerations

An overview of KVM extension technology explaining the main points when evaluating KVM extenders. It highlights the critical role of KVM extenders in environments, their benefits, the primary types of connections, and transmission medium characteristics.