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Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM: The Ultimate Solution for Broadcast and Media Environments

Extio 3 Ip Kvm the Ultimate Solution

Comfortable, functional work environments are essential for broadcast and media professionals to be able to produce content that captivates audiences worldwide. Broadcasters count on Matrox’s innovative portfolio of KVM extenders to provide the foundation on which to build ideal work environments, and increase user productivity for day-to-day operations. By allowing for the centralization of hardware, Matrox KVM extenders give broadcasters the ability to secure equipment, optimize resources, facilitate collaborative workflows, and eliminate distractions from noise, heat emissions, and cramped workspaces—so they can stay focused on what matters.

With the ability to extend 4Kp60 4:4:4 and up to quad 1080p60 4:4:4 video support over a one Gigabit Ethernet network—at the industry’s lowest bitrates—Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders offer broadcast environments with a best-in-class KVM extension and switching solution. Working with standard COTS network switches, Extio 3 enables a scalable and cost-effective KVM matrix solution over IP.

For an optimized remote working experience, Extio 3 provides secure and seamless KVM extension and switching over LAN, WAN, or internet, enabling remote connectivity for distributed and hybrid teams. This way, multiple operators can control the same system and collaborate on the same tasks—all from different onsite or offsite locations. Extio 3’s support for LAN and WAN networks means that users can connect to systems located in the same building, between campuses, or even across multiple cities.

Discover why Matrox Extio 3 IP KVM extenders are the ultimate solution for post-production facilities, control rooms, OB vans, and more.

Post Production

High-performance IP KVM solutions allow computers to be centralized in a secured server room and out of the editors’ way. From a single bay, editors can access and control multiple remote computers, no matter if they’re located in another room, building, or city. Another benefit is that it reduces heat and noise, and frees up space in small, cramped suites, improving the ergonomics of the work environment, and ensuring that employees can work quietly and comfortably. Video editing applications also demand the highest possible, visually lossless video and audio quality. Extio 3 IP KVMs can deliver 4Kp60 4:4:4 video and audio over standard Gigabit Ethernet, with no compromise to performance.

With the growing popularity of distributed and remote teams, people need technology that makes it easy to work remotely. The right IP KVM solution can make people feel as if they’re sitting at their own computer, sharing content with peers from studios located in different cities while working from home.

Extio 3 for Post-Production Diagram

Broadcast Control Rooms

High-performance IP KVM extenders can streamline operations, control costs, and increase local and remote collaboration between operators. In this environment, the physical machines can be moved from the control rooms and relocated to a secure server room, enabling operators in adjacent control rooms or off-site facilities to access any number of workstations or servers over LAN, WAN, or internet. Switching is also a must in this environment. With Extio 3’s Aggregator Mode, users can access up to four systems simultaneously, and switch between sources with just a single keyboard and mouse. Extio 3’s 4K Tile View feature, available in Aggregator Mode, equips users with advanced multi-system control by extending and displaying up to four FHD systems on a single 4K display. This enables the operators to view the content they want on multiple displays and instantly switch between shoots or segments, for example. Operators can work at one workstation, avoiding the need to physically move to different locations, thus streamlining the workflow for the whole production team. With the tremendous amounts of content produced in broadcast facilities, security is also of paramount importance. To protect the confidentiality of content, Extio 3 provides advanced encryption protocols, password protection, and Active Directory® authentication. And with its integrated IPSec VPN client, Extio 3 ensures secure and safe transmission and communication of all audio, video, and USB signals over the Internet.

Extio 3 for Broadcast Control Room Diagram

OB Vans

OB vans are used for live coverage of events. Much like traditional broadcast control rooms, they must offer operational flexibility and be easily reconfigured to support different workflows. High-performance IP KVMs can further maximize the limited operational space in OB vans, enabling the workstations to be centralized in a server rack on the truck. From a single desk, outfitted with a dual-display or quad-display setup, and operated with a single keyboard and mouse, users can access multiple remote workstations, thus reducing the peripherals required at a station. Extio 3’s 4K Tile View features enables operators to display up to four separate systems on one 4K monitor, saving space by replacing four monitors with one superior 4K display. Since an Extio 3 IP KVM setup can support one-to-many and many-to-many configurations, operators can rapidly access and switch between various functions—recording devices, production switchers, and replay systems—all from one desk. Systems can also be remotely and securely monitored and serviced over private WAN or internet.

Extio 3 for OB Van Diagram

Radio Control Rooms

High-performance IP KVM extenders allow audio workstations, automation servers, and any other equipment to be housed in a secure server room. This eliminates any unwanted noise generated by the machines, a priority in settings where noise levels are a concern. Extio 3’s KVM extension and switching support allows users to connect to and control, share, and manage systems and applications—over LAN, WAN, or internet—whether they’re working on-premises or remotely. Multi-display support can further increase operational efficiency: operators can run the different production, scheduling, and radio automation applications needed on each display. Extio 3’s Aggregator Mode makes it easy to move from one display to another, automatically switching the focus to the connected system. And with its ability to deliver KVM signals at low bitrates over standard Gigabit Ethernet, Extio 3 makes it easy to add devices to the network and scale to changing requirements. With large amounts of content passing through broadcast facilities, security is of paramount importance. Extio 3 provides the option to authorize or block selected USB devices, and ensure the maximum security of both devices and network.

Extio 3 for Radio Control Rooms Diagram


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