ConvertIP for Broadcast & Media Applications

Converting HDMI or SDI to and from ST 2110


Matrox ConvertIP is a SMPTE ST 2110 converter designed to effortlessly convert HDMI or SDI signals to and from ST 2110, bridging the gap between traditional baseband video workflows and IP-based transmission. ConvertIP is fanless and features PoE+ support for maximum reliability and deployment flexibility. Laying the foundation for a standards-based, IPMX-ready infrastructure, ConvertIP supports compressed and uncompressed ST- 2110 formats, including JPEG XS for 2110-22. With support for up to 25 Gbps of connectivity, ConvertIP allows for the monitoring of full uncompressed 4K video. 

Key benefits

  • Single hardware can be configured to uncompressed and compressed 
  • NMOS aware 
  • Optional JPEG XS license 
  • Flexible media network connectivity (support for 10/25G SFPs) 
  • Multiple power options (PoE+ or separate PSU) 
  • IPMX ready 
  • Convenient web-based user interface for configuring ConvertIP devices 
  • Complimentary ConvertIP Manager software for multi-unit management 
  • Optional Matrox ConductIP media server appliance for discovery and routing  
  • Compact form factor mounts easily to the back of a monitor or in a rack 
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Monitor ST 2110 signals

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Leverage standard IP infrastructure and benefit from the future of video over IP. ConvertIP mini converters support the conversion and monitoring of ST 2110 signals on HDMI or SDI displays.

Flexible ST 2110 monitoring and multi-display with ConvertIP Daisy Chain

Boost your monitoring capacity and lower your total cost of ownership with Daisy Chain.

Take advantage of Daisy-chain mode to drive multiple displays using a single network port on your switch

  • Send multiple streams from a single network port to daisy-chained ConvertIP units.

    • Ideal to drive Monitor walls with minimal number of fiber links.

  • Create monitor walls with 2, 8, or even 16 displays, each outputting unique content using a single fiber.

  • Support Uncompressed or Compressed streams on 10G or 25G links.

  • Dramatically reduce switch port usage as well as SFP and fiber requirements, driving down total cost of ownership.

  • High overall resiliency of Daisy Chain group with support of ST 2022-7 redundancy:

    • Ensures uninterrupted operation in case of network problems.

    • Only localized impact in case of single device failure.

    • Feature available on ConvertIP DSH and DSS models.

Learn More About Daisy Chain Operation

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Compact design, quiet operation, maximum efficiency

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Thanks to its compact form factor, ConvertIP can be mounted on a rack or the back of a monitor. And its fanless design means the end of noisy work environments.

ConvertIP also supports PoE+ for maximum power efficiency and heat management. 

Software tools for maximum convenience and control

Discover, configure, control, and route ConvertIP with a standard web-based user interface or complimentary Windows application. The ConvertIP Command Center web UI and ConvertIP Manager application are software tools designed to provide a convenient way to setup, update, and monitor your devices, eliminating the need for specialized staff. 

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Build customized applications—easily and effortlessly

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For system integrators, the ConvertIP Restful API is an HTTPS-based API that enables you to create your own routing and control software to build custom applications of your ConvertIP devices—from basic operations to total control—or easily add specific functionality into existing workflows. 

Seamlessly integrate with Crestron

Crestron Service Providers (CSP) can now seamlessly integrate Matrox ConvertIP Series devices into existing Crestron environments with our Creston Module for ConvertIP. The Crestron Module enables you to add additional feature sets under Crestron control, thanks to the included sample code. You can now expand your Crestron-controlled environment and easily create an integrated solution that meets all the needs of your clients. 

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ConvertIP Series Control Module for Crestron

Your entire media installation at a glance

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ConductIP is a standards-based signal routing platform that seamlessly discovers and routes signals to any NMOS-enabled device—including ConvertIP—and into any ST 2110 or IPMX-enabled network. ConductIP gives you a comprehensive view of all content on your IP network and where it’s being routed, while allowing you to intuitively organize devices in your unique setup.  


Which ConvertIP product is right for you?

ConvertIP hardware devices support both copper or fiber networks, as well as multiple codecs—such as Colibri and JPEG XS—to transmit both compressed and uncompressed formats. Maximum input/output flexibility built into each ST 2110 to HDMI, ST 2110 to SDI, and IP to SDI converter means you can support a variety of installations and future-proof your investment. 

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ConvertIP product line

ConvertIP SRH

Single-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DRH

Dual-channel RJ45 HDMI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP SRS

Single-channel SDI-IP transmitter/receiver

ConvertIP DRS

Dual-channel RJ45 SDI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP DSS

Dual-channel SFP SDI-to-IP converter

ConvertIP SRST

Single-channel RJ45 HDBaseT™-to-IP converter

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